Puff Back and Water Loss | March 23, 2020
Very accommodating and efficient. Boxes were stacked in the basement excellently. Exceeded my expectations!
Connie S.

Water Loss | March 16, 2020
Excellent service. Very nice guys who know what they’re doing.
Michael M.

Water Loss | February 21, 2020
Wonderful service! Thank You
Erin L.

Water Loss | February 11, 2020
Good team workers. Job well done!
Donna D.


Water Loss | December 19, 2019
This went great!
Matt B.

Water Loss | December 9, 2019
SCS workers were careful with my possessions, worked diligently, and were friendly and professional in demeanor. Nicole is a great leader, would be an asset to any company.
Julia S.

Water Loss | December 5, 2019
Thank you for everything!!
Jill S.

Fire | November 27, 2019
Kathryn B.

Content Manipulation | November 8, 2019
Very carefully packed and unpacked antique valuable household items. Very accommodating and had respect for home and owner. I am very pleased with their services.
Sandra B.

Tree Fall | September 13, 2019
Thanks for the efficient work. Made our lives much easier. Thank you!
Becky C.

Fire | September 11, 2019
Great Job!
Steven C.

Water Loss | September 10, 2019
Great delivery people.
Dennis M.

Fire | September 3, 2019
The men had way too much fun! They did a GREAT job. Thanks.
Donna P.

Fire | August 1, 2019
Excellent service! Took time to explain!
Todd L.

Water Loss | July 30, 2019
Wonderful job and delivery. Thank you!
Paul M.

Water Loss | July 22, 2019
Excellent service and care throughout this ordeal!
Steven K.

Fire | July 11, 2019
Very satisfied with everything. Would recommend your service to anyone. Will tell insurance person. The people you sent were terrific!!!
Sandra M.

Water Loss | June 25, 2019
Great Job!
John M.

Smoke Soot | July 3, 2019
Great personal service. Paintings look wonderful, bright, and clean!
Dianna H.

Water  Loss | July 2, 2019
Best help ever 🙂    Thank you!!
Charlene B.

Water Loss | June 25, 2019
Great Job – Kids really nice.
Ruth B.

Water Loss | June 17, 2019
The SCS staff were wonderful to deal with, efficient, and considerate.
Deborah H.

Fire | May 17, 2019
SCS provided excellent and professional services. They were very quick to respond and returned our equipment very quickly. They have enabled us to move closer to full operation.
Huntingdon House

Water Loss | May 10, 2019
Great crew! Worked carefully and diligently. They couldn’t do enough for us. Would recommend SCS to anyone. Terrific job.
Eugene H.

Fire | May, 7, 2019
Good Job.
Yvonne A.

Smoke | March 1, 2019
The guys were really great and helpful. they ere very patient and waited until we arrived home.
Mellissa Y.

Lightning Fire | January 23, 2019
Thanks for the good service. All your people were very polite quiet, and gentle. Thanks.
Donna J.


Smoke | November 30, 2018
You all have been so wonderful through all of this. Very professional and friendly. I cannot thank you enough for everything.
Valerie M.

Sewer Back Up | November 2, 2018
I appreciate the great work that you did. Very happy with your company and services.
Donna S.

Sewer Back Up | November 1, 2018
Delivery and pick-up guys did a professional job!
Karen P.

Fire | August 18, 2018
Very nice job and great people to work with.
Ernest W.

Fire | August 29, 2018
Very pleased with the service. Gentlemen were very pleasant and helpful.
Susan M.

Sewer Back Up | August 27, 2018
These guys were great! Very helpful and a credit to your company. I have been very satisfied with the whole experience.
Don M.

Fire and Water | August 17, 2018
Excelled our expectations. Crew was efficient and attention to detail was impressive. Everyone was wonderful to work with and very accommodating!
Fox Chapel Area School District

Water Loss | July 19, 2018
Excellent work to staff. Well organized. Recommend that they should have a raise!
Kerry R.

Water Loss | June 18, 2018
Good Job – Happy to see pictures like new.
JoAnn S.

Water Loss | May 9, 2018
You guys did a great job!!
Carol L.

Puff Back | April 23, 2018
Tech Jesse was great. Did excellent job. Went far and beyond to make sure my TVs were working properly. Would recommend your company and the tech man highly.
Elizabeth R.

Water Loss | March 28, 2018
Made work easy – everything they did was done efficiently and with care. Delightful on-site team. Would highly recommend.
Cecelia L.


Water Loss | October 3, 2017
We were very pleased with our experience with SCS. The guys were awesome. Very helpful, professional, and friendly. Thank You!
Brian H.

Tree Damage | September 20, 2017
We enjoyed working with the crew. They were very helpful during the packing and the return of the material.
Robert M.

Fire | September 15, 2017
Cory S.

Sewer Back Up | September 13, 2017
Class AAA Job!
Thomas M.

Ceiling Collapse | September 5, 2017
Jesse and Roger were great. Friendly, energetic, and good listeners. I give them 20 out of 10 possible.
Kirt A.

Kitchen Fire | August 17, 2017
I was so pleased with the guys and how well they took care of everything. I am so impressed by how great the mounts (taxidermy) and everything looks!! Top notch job and very pleased. Thanks for a nice, well done job during a stressful time for us.
Judy K.

Kitchen Fire | August 8, 2017
Happy, Happy, Happy!
Karen S.

Fire | August 2, 2017
Awesome job!!!
Tiffany B.

Water Loss | July, 29, 2017
Super Happy!!! Can’t say enough good things. The picture of Jim Morison is priceless !!! Thank You ! 🙂
Rock N Tattoo

Water Loss | July 27, 2017
Do not know what we would have done without them – Great Job!!!
Susan S.

Fire | May 16, 2017
Great job!
Ann S.

Water Loss | June 23, 2017
Very Pleased!
Susan B.

Water Loss | June 8, 2017
Very Efficient. Did good job. Would definitely recommend you to friends.
Lorenza C.

Fire | May 19, 2017
Best group of workers, cleaners, and packers. They take care of your things.
David B.

Fire | May 16, 2017
Great job.
Ann S.

Dryer Fire | May 15, 2017
Very satisfied with everyone’s help!
Ralph J.

Chimney Fire | April 17, 2017
Thank you – awesome job!
Chris O.

Water Loss | March 22, 2017
Good Job!
Stephen R.

Water Loss | March 22, 2017
Your crew is GREAT!! They work hard, are friendly, and all in all, do a fantastic job. Thank you for Everything!
Deborah I.

Water Loss | January 28, 2017
Very good job. Thanks so much. It’s good to be home.
Anna G.

Fire | January 12, 2017
Excellent, very satisfied.
William W.

Tear Gas | January 10, 2017
Great work! Everyone did such a good job. It is so good to see my grandfather clock looking great again. Your employees are so knowledgeable, and kind. Thanks for taking care of my things.
Betty E.

Archived Testimonials