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About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of Specialty Cleaning Services (SCS) is to provide outstanding professional service for the remediation of fire, smoke and water damage.

Our Goal
SCS restores items to their pre-loss condition utilizing our highly dedicated and experienced team using the latest technologies available. In addition, we take all necessary steps and make all possible attempts to ensure customer satisfaction.

Providing Peace of Mind
Specialty Cleaning Services provides courteous and professional, personal and business content cleaning, repair and restoration services. We strive to develop a comfort level with the property owners for whom we serve on behalf of our valued clientele. It begins with our competent team who understand the difficult and stressful circumstances the property/business owners are in and the importance of respectfully handling their personal/business property.

SCS owner, Anthony J. ‘Nino’ Fusca, first started in the business of cleaning and caring for other people’s personal belongings in 1975. In 2006, through his experienced vision and innovative thinking, SCS was born. At the onset of SCS, electronics were our specialty. Soon, collectible dolls and figurines were added, followed by taxidermy, furniture, musical instruments/pianos and all other household and business content.  Today, we still offer these cleaning services along with art restoration/photo re-construction, data recovery/transfer, media restoration, firearm restoration, blind cleaning, freeze dry process for wet paper and books, complete pack out/pack in service and climate-controlled storage. Our extraordinarily high success rate comes from the commitment of our experienced and devoted team and Nino’s 40+ years of experience in caring for other people’s property.