Data Recovery

Nothing can cause more stress on a business than losing valuable electronic data as a result of a fire or water loss. SCS understands that electronic data stored on hard drives, data cartridges and discs is extremely important to the operations of a business. Likewise, nothing can cause more heartbreak to a family than losing treasured family photos and information. With successful data retrieval and transfer, critical information recovered can help to minimize business interruption as well as preserve important family treasures.

This photo depicts a laptop that is non-salvageable. The data was recovered and transferred to a new hard drive.

Even these severely damaged computers had data recovered and transferred to a new hard drive.


In the event pre-loss condition cannot be obtained, SCS also facilitates diagnostic testing on important electronic and computer components to verify the cause of the damages; common with lightning strikes. If requested, we then estimate the repair cost and provide those findings to you.